Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spring Unit study

With the wonderful arrival of Spring (and the soon to be arrival of our baby) I wanted to have some fun with this term and  the season that is upon us...... SPRING!! yay!
I ended up in the vegie garden on Wednesday weeding and prepping it ready for planting.


 parsley and garlic chives still going
It felt sooo good to have it done and ready! YAY!!

 I transplanted the Rhubarb and Borax herb from the main bed to the tyres just outside the garden, they have lots more room there and the flowers that will attract the bees will be wonderful!!

I've also been searching on Google for HEAPS of ideas on what we can do for this Unit Study.
Each year we have a Spring/Summer vegie garden. (the sun is too low for our spot to grow vegies in the Winter!) I do know however that having a baby could make things just a little bit busier than usual and I might not get it planted, or worse look after it very well once our vegie seedlings are in!! So that's where the basis of our next unit study came from..... The children can do it!!
They will pick their own vegies they wish to grow
Journal about them in a notebook each week, taking pictures or drawing them
Learn about seeds (science)
Sketch plants in the garden (art)
Write about their favourite vegies or fruit ( do a poem)
Graph about growth (maths)
Record weather patterns, when it rained and was sunny (science)
Write down when we needed to water
WEED when they start to pop up again
Tender and look after the garden!!
I'm super excited about the variety of things we can do with this subject, including lapbooks and crafts (always a winner for the smaller girls!)
Here are just a FEW links that I found helpful.....

Spring lesson plans and ideas (not all can be printed) HERE
SPRING ACTIVITIES including puzzles, crafts and colour pages HERE, HERE, HERE
Pre-school Spring IDEAS, including lists of everything HERE
Pre-school Spring Songs and Poems HERE
Garden Lapbook HERE
Sprout Lapbook HERE 
Strawberry Lapbook HERE
Spring Labbook ideas HERE 

So with this and also a weather study (post to come) I think our term will be a lot of fun!!
Smiles The Torrents' 

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