Monday, April 21, 2014

The River Nile cooking craft - Egyptian Unit study

When you say to the children.....
"Your going to make the Nile River today with a giant cookie!" you get some pretty excited responses!!!

I saw this awesome idea HERE and knew it would be perfect to do while looking more closely at the Nile.
I made my favourite biscuit recipe ( making Hannah's chocolate flavour) and then rolled out 3 oval shapes.
The children then each had to make their own labels for the places on the Egyptian map!
We made some blue and green icing and popped it in homemade bags for pipping and then they all got to work. Marking out the Nile and the fertile land surrounding each side! Even the Red sea was put in!!

They looked at the map they had coloured earlier in the term HERE to make sure each place was in its rightful PLACE!! Here are all their completed COOKIE MAPS.....
This is Zeke's finished map
 Hannah's more "dirt" looking map!YUMMY!
Sophia and Esther's finished map, complete with jaffa markings for the places!
By the end of it all it was afternoon tea, ummm what shall we eat??? Let's eat Egypt!!! YUMMO!!!! Soph and Esther were in straight away!! I joined in too, in fact due to the HUGE amount of water that flooded some of the Nile Rivers (or the very full Red sea), it made a perfect dipping spot for some extra "water" on the otherwise "Dry" land!! 
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Nile River craft - Egyptian Unit study

 Tuesday 2 weeks ago saw us making our own little "Nile River." (idea HERE) We sorted all the goodies we needed, which thankfully we had all around the home and garden! We decided to make our "Nile" with it's two branches into the main river and then decorate it with the Spinx, Pyramids and some wildlife (snakes and a croc!)

The children got a little too excited with the grass seeds so I wasn't sure how well it would go, especially when our river was totally flooded and stayed wet for days!!!

Here is a picture after a week......

and now 2 weeks later!!

With looking at Moses and how he was placed in the Nile in a basket and the plagues with how the first plague was the River Nile being turned to blood it's all worked in really nicely to bring the lesson home for my treasures!! Love it when a theme runs on through our learning!!!
Smiles The Torrents'

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The 10 Plagues - children's craft activities (Egypt Unit study)

We are having LOADS of fun this week as we look at each of the 10 Plagues from Ancient Egypt time when Moses was around!!
We started on the Nile River last week (will post about that soon) and how Moses was placed in the Nile as a baby, then we went onto the fact that God chose him to lead His people out of Egypt. When Pharaoh didn't listen God sent 10 plagues to show His awesomeness (and to show that their false god's were exactly that.... FALSE!!!) It's been super fun and very interesting and we are looking forward to the last few plagues as we head into the Passover festival!! All this has worked along wonderfully with our Egyptian Unit study with bringing Bible History into play too!!Here is some of what we have been doing........

As each plague "day" has passed we have made a craft (mostly for the little girls) and a bunting flag ready to put all together, I also found these finger puppets HERE so they have joined in on the display too!!
 Frog colouring page- HERE
Esther colouring her "lice" for the bunting- from HERE
Making a very large fly craft-from HERE
 Today was the boil plague-craft HERE
Today we had our Tea Party Thursday so with some creative thought we made some Plague themed cupcakes!!! You will see the Nile turned to blood,(though it looks pink!!) Flies (the one's with currents) Hail, (decorated with silver balls) Frogs, and Boils (we used jaffa's) for our plague we looked at today!!

Can't wait to show you more with our Egypt Unit study, there is soooo much to cover and sooo much to learn and sooo many fun things to create!!!
Smiles The Torrents'

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mummified Apple Experiment part two (Egyptian unit study)

 We have now finished our Mummified apple experiment!! YAY it was such a great science project and each of us really enjoyed it! In the end (as expected) the Apple in the salt preserved the best, it still looked like an apple.... the most interesting was the vinegar apple, it looked like it had swollen up, even like it had got bigger!! It was very strange!! Then lastly apple by itself just went off. Take a look at our findings!!
 sifting through the raw sugar and bicarb powder....
 All the apples and their labels after a week!
If you are studying Ancient Egypt then I think that this experiment is a must!! I've seen you can also do chickens.... might not try that one!! hee hee!! If you want to see part one of this click HERE and to see where I got the instructions from click HERE!
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mummified Apple Experiment-part one (Egyptian Unit study)

For our Tuesday Science day we recently did the Mummified apple experiment! All the children LOVED it and were all able to take part, which is a wonderful thing when you have sooo many ages to work with!
Hannah in particular is really getting into our science days (totally am thrilled with that!!) you can see it in her face in the coming pictures!!
All the instructions we got from HERE at another fellow homeschooling blog, it was nice and easy to follow!
 getting all the ingredients ready for the experiment
 Preparing the apple pieces
 Zeke wrote all the labels for us
(including pictures of the apple so he didn't have to write it 12 times!!)
 Esther was able to help "wrap" the apples and Sapphire liked eating them!!
 Measuring out the salt (we only used 1/2 cup for each of our cups!)
Ta'da!! The finished cups! Now all we need to do is wait a week and see what happens!
Smiles The Torrents'

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sophia's 8th birthday - Egyptian theme party!!!

On the 6th of March we celebrated Sophia's 8th birthday! Each year we do a BIG party (till they are ten) and this year I suggested that she have an Egyptian themed party (soon as we are studying it at the moment!)
She LOVED the idea so we were off and racing to make it wonderful for her!
I looked at the Internet for LOADS of  ideas, decorations and games, party bags, food, costumes and more.

The invitations:
All you need to do is make a triangle with 3 equal sides and cut it out, fold in the first point to the centre and continue with the other folds, decorate the back like a pyramid and write some hieroglyphs for each guests name!
The decorations:
I drew an Egyptian backdrop on an old sheet, I found a picture I liked in a book and copied that (larger size) then added some hieroglyphics saying
"Sophia's birth celebration, with music and dancing!"
I also went to the bush (just behind us) and cut heaps of bunches of dried grass (idea HERE) and put them in vases around the set up. We made a sign for the gifts and found heaps of gold/brown/cream cushion (again from the op shop) and laid them on an old blanket in front of the mural for a comfy place to play games!
The food:
I made flat bread and date candy (both from the time) and then we had loads of fruit, nuts and honey!
The cake:
I made (kind of) a pyramid shape cake, just with a loaf tin and then cutting down the sides to make it look triangular. Then with the icing I "scratched" a toothpick through to make the brick marks. Add some awesome Egyptian Lego people, some more hieroglyphs, brown sugar to look like the sandy, dusty ground and you have a very simple birthday cake!

The games:
We played quite a few games from the time. This included a Mummy game, wrapping up someone in 5 minutes the best you can with loo paper. Goat in the grass: have 2 people sit on the ground touching feet and moving their arms up and down while you jump over.... if you get touched then you're out!
Pass the cobra snake: pass around the snake and when the music stops you are out, you get a "gold" bar (a twix) and then the last person at the end gets the prize!
The craft:
I drew some templates of a Paddle doll (idea from HERE) for the girls to then decorate. We used wool for the hair and told the meaning behind them while they crafted!
The party bags:
I got some cheap bbq cane plates from the op shop as the "bag" then added a piece of Toblorone wrapped up for each guest, added their paddle doll, a paper doll sheet for them to do at home from HERE and lastly a catoush for them to write their names on also!
The costumes: I read somewhere that you can make an easy Egyptian costume with some old pillow cases, for Esther I only needed the one and for Sophia and Hannah I just sewed two together! Add a piece of scrap material (in gold/yellow) and you have a very easy costume!! Of course the jewels are a MUST and all of those we made!! HERE and HERE is the link to that!! We bought the wig for Soph as part of her present, it was only $16!!
Sophia absolutely LOVED her party! In fact we all did! It was sooo much fun and we learnt a lot!
I can't wait to the next party, who knows what theme we will come up with then!!
Smiles The Torrents'